Thursday, July 19, 2007
Gotta Get My Paint On
Dear close friends and family,
I regret to tell you that at this time…I will begin painting.
Yes, I know. When the paint rollers come out, we all suffer. But this time will be different! It will! What could go wrong?

I’m painting a basic cream color. No tri color stripes. No uber cool green. No Tuscan effect that looks like an Orange Crush exploded on my walls.

I must rid my bedroom of the green. I’m sick of waking up every morning wondering if I’m in the den of some sadistic leprechaun. They say red makes you angry? Nope. Green does. I consider going postal daily, but I don’t have the energy.

So now we are going to go with a nice cream color with green (It is cool. It is!) and brown accents. And somehow, some way, even though I’m taking a mysterious paint can to get a match and I’m not sure it’s the right color, this WILL work out.

RIP to the green bedroom. Leo DiCaprio and Al Gore may be all about green, but I’m not.

So I want to apologize in advance for the snarkiness that will ensue. I get a little moody when I paint. But then again, this time it’s going to go perfect, so we shouldn’t worry about crabbiness. And my simple paint jobs tend to take months instead of days. But hey, not this time, right? Oh, and I do usually break something when trying to move the furniture back by myself. But I KNOW that’s not going to happen today. (Note to my brother: Consider yourself “on call.”)

So I ask for your prayers and well wishes as I begin my new painting endeavor. And I hope to have this project wrapped up by this time next year. It’s so doable, and I believe in myself.

And to my friends who have whispered recently that I have a painting addiction, I HEARD YOU!!! You wound me with your disrespect for But I will take my hurt feelings and channel them into something of beauty.
Unless the painter's tape doesn't cooperate again...
Or I have another ladder accident.

For lack of anything else to blog about because I’ve been home all week for the first time with nothing to do (thus…the paint job was born.), I shall share some family pictures. Please ooohh and ahhh accordingly.

My sweet nephew on his seventh birthday. He’s seven? Wow, his parents must be really old.

And my niece, who has inherited my curly hair, my love for food, and my bad table manners. But seriously, why use a fork when it only slows you down?

Another picture of my niece. Wish I had inherited her charm. THIS face would make someone pull over and fix a flat.

And finally, my cat, Grady, who has many psychological issues.

“Anybody can put a lampshade on their head. But a shoe box? I don’t think so. Hey, have I told you about this dork who painted her bedroom green…?”

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At 11:38 AM, Blogger Dawn Burns said...

I understand the paint addiction - I'm addicted to the paint section of Lowes. My dream job would be to name paint colors and lipstick shades!

At 11:48 AM, Blogger Jenny B. Jones said...

That WOULD be fun! I love the names of OPI nail polish. Like "I'm Not Really a Waitress." Funny.

At 10:27 AM, Blogger Christa said...

I've always wondered where one applies for the job of PAINT-NAMER PERSON. I want that job. I lust after that job. WHO HAS THAT JOB AND HOW DID S/HE FIND IT???

Anyway...I like painting because it gives me a sense of also gives me multi-colored hair, a slight heady intoxication from the fumes, and an overwhelming desire to play abstract artist and start flinging it all over the walls, but that's another story


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