Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Random Thoughts
I saw Dream Girls a few weeks ago. Not bad. There has been a LOT of award talk over the actors. Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Oscar, Pulitzer. It's good to see American Idol reject Jennifer Hudson totally blowing people away and capturing a dream. GREAT to see Eddie Murphy in a role in which he's not talking to animals. But to me, Hollywood has totally missed the boat here. To me the most important moment of the movie, the scene that absolutely stole my heart was the scene in which this boy appeared:

Steve Urkel! Steve Urkel! He was in Dream Girls for like 30 seconds. Thirty glorious seconds. Welcome back, Steve. As the S.U.F.C.P. (Steve Urkel fan club president), I would just like to say, "I knew you'd be back."

Okay, Lindsey Lohan does the peace sign everywhere and that drives me nuts (could your life be any less peaceful? Fix THAT and then we'll talk about the Middle East). But what is Britney trying to do here?

"Like, um...I'll make up my own cool sign. Like double peace, y'all."

Or "Look, y'all. One hand--two peaces."

Then again, maybe somebody snapped a shot after asking, "Hey, Brit, how many times have you worn underear in 2007?"

And you know, Jennifer Hudson is not the only one whose dreams have come true. I've waited for mine so patiently. Had so many near-misses--especially lately. I've almost had it in my grasp, only to have it ripped back out again. But this dream came true for me today. (Excuse me, I must wipe a tear.) After MUCH anticipation. After MUCH waiting. After MUCH PRAYER. Here it is:

Yup, got out early today (Wed), have tomorrow off, and Friday does NOT look good either (actually it looks FABULOUS).

And finally, on a serious note, a friend of mine (the girl sends me taped episodes of Gilmore Girls!) and one awesome writer, Sarah Anne Sumpolec, was on the Tyra Banks show this week. As usual, my cable network TOTALLY failed me, and they didn't air it, but lots of people saw it. The episode was about witchcraft. Sarah became a witch as a young girl and continued until God put her under the influence of Christian roommates in college. From what I've heard, Sarah did a GREAT job on Tyra, but as the only Christian and shunner of all things "witch," she fell under attack on the show and now off. Check out her blog if you're interested in the response (click on "comments" at the end of her blog on the response and check it out.). Seems some "witches" have spread her blog address around and are ganging up on her. Please pray for her. Pray for protection and pray for God to shine through all the darkness out there on her blog. These people are VERY serious about their beliefs. Good thing Sarah is too. Please lift her up.

Off to do a little snow checking and a lot of editing. Oh, all right. I'm off to do a LOT of snow checking and very LITTLE editing. Happy snow day to one and all!!!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007
Yes, I Was A Headliner for a World Event

Recently I was able to view the back cover copy to my book In Between. On this back cover is my picture (frightening) and a little blurb about me. I wrote it myself, so I don't know why it seemed to jar me. I guess typing the little blurb in an email to someone is one thing. But seeing it and knowing it's going public for anyone to see is quite another matter. I suddenly wondered at the appropriateness. Here's how it reads:

JENNY B. JONES is the author of A KATIE PARKER
PRODUCTION series. Though now an adult, she still
relates to the trauma and drama of teen life. Jenny is
thrilled to see her writing dreams come true, as her
previous claim to fame was singing the national anthem
in Pea Ridge, Arkansas, mule jumping capital of the
world. You can visit her at

Yes, I sang the Star Spangled Banner at a mule jumping contest. (But I sang with a few other girls. I recently saw the movie Dream Girls, and I saw a LOT of similarities. Coincidence? I don't think so.) So anyway, I was REALLY stressed. "Pea Ridge" really wasn't supposed to be on there. I didn't think they'd include that part. But, um...they did. And so then I flipped out, concerned that an entire town would rise up in revolt over what they might construe as an insult to them and their good mules--who jump--for sport. (Also a really good place to get a fried Twinkie, but I digress.) I mean, these folks had a Civil War battle a long time ago. They are not afraid to take up arms and defend.

I ran this bio by many people. Here's my friend Sheila's take on the whole scenario, taken directly from her email response. (But also keep in mind this girl talked to salt and pepper shakers in junior high, so what does she know?)

OMG! That is funny and embarrassing and I want to laugh but then I think that I shouldn't! I'm so confused!!!! Offensive to Pea Ridge? Not to the people who will read the book!
Some mule jumper might get his tail feathers ruffled, but what are the odds he'll be reading your book?

Then again, Pea Ridge may decide to give you the key to the city and declare a Jennifer Jones holiday. They'll erect a billboard for the sole purpose of putting your face on it! Your books will be on display everywhere. Then, just as you are about to be crowned Honorary Miss Pea Ridge (Jen here: That would be SO cool. I'd get a CROWN! ) , someone will discover that your book's back cover mentions Pea Ridge in a manner that might be construed as disparaging or derogatory. There will be mass confusion since there will be a lot of people who don't know what either of those words mean.

The United Mule Jumpers Association (or UMJA for short) will create a petition that calls for your book to be banned. Signed by 734 people the petition is successful, but due to a typo, the petition actually says your book should be burned. Not wanting a riot on his hands, Mayor Crabtree complies and all copies of your book previously displayed in town are taken to the city park (where the mule jumping competition is held every fall) and burned. You will call me in hysterics and I will call my mother who will then contact her old pals at the Northwest Arkansas Morning News. Before the fire has even begun to die down, CNN and the ACLU will show up.
(Jen here: WHAT?? Where is Jesse Jackson? It would totally be worth it if he and Al Sharpton would show up.)
I think you know what will happen from there.
Think of all the publicity you'll get from this!!!

I just can't believe you actually admitted to singing the national anthem at the mule jump...

Yes, so there you have it. Insulting to the good people of Pea Ridge or not? And more importantly, will this be hurting the tender feelings of hundreds of mules? You know how sensitive they are. Okay, maybe you don't...but I've sang for them, and I can confidently say those little dudes are soft hearted.

Off to watch Ugly Betty.
And pray my hometown won't rip my senior picture out of the composite in the gym.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Vacation Over
Returned to work today after a (nearly) two week break. A break in which I stayed up VERY late and slept VERY late. Waking up this morning, I felt like semi-truck road kill. Had a little trouble keeping the peepers open, too. It looked a little something like this...

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