Saturday, October 07, 2006

I have a developed an illness, as have many in Northwest Arkansas. No, it's not over-exposure to poultry road kill. It's not arthritis from gripping the steering wheel in anger over commute times being tripled. And it's not a psychotic need to get a poodle perm due to residing five years in a retirement village.

This, my friends, is no joking matter.
I have Pulmonary CWitis. It's a disease in which the heart begins to shrivel and harden from lack of the CW network. And I'm finding few sympathetic shoulders. Though the folks at Cox Cable are finally talking to me again. Granted, they want to discuss my impending harassment charges...

I had to do something. After all, there is no known cure for CWitis. Well sure, there are a few that involve tankers of Jack Daniels or playing jump rope in front of oncoming freight trains. But I'm more of a holistic girl myself.

So I began to research my options. And I found Betty. Ugly Betty, to be exact. It's on Thursday nights at seven on ABC. Right before Grey's Anatomy. Check out Betty's cool website HERE.

Ugly Betty is a lot like Devil Wears Prada. But better. It's got sass, style, comedy, and nice bits of Latino flare. The language is a bit raw, but so is my heart. Stomped on and shredded from Luke and Lorelai totally abandoning me.

Not only is Ugly Betty funny, but there's also a sweet lesson in every episode. (Okay, I've only seen one episode, but the moral was SCREAMING out, so I thought this must be a regular occurrence.) So Thursday night I got some laughs, got involved in a well developed plot, and learned that honesty takes bravery and courage, and though it's hard, it's the right choice. See, I didn't know that. Thank you, Betty.

And thank you, Betty, for giving me a small ray of hope in my week. We don't know how long I'll have Pulmonary CWitis. But as of today, I'm here to fight. No hard liquor. No playing on train tracks. I can beat this thing. You're not gonna get me Cox Cable. So you and all your pretty little lawyers waving restraining orders in my face can just kiss it. Cause I'm hanging out with Betty now.

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At 10:44 PM, Blogger T. Suzanne Eller said...

It competes with Survivor, so I have caught only bits and pieces, but I definitely love Gilmore Girls. If only we could all have such snappy conversations. : )

At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Kylie said...

i haven't watched Ugly Betty yet. I really want to, though!


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