Monday, November 19, 2007
More On Oprah
Okay, for all of you who have been asking about Paula Abdul, yes she's THAT short! And that's really cute that some of you GOOGLED her height and it SAYS she's taller than me at 5'2, but she's NOT! She is NOT taller than me! Stars change their height and weight stats just like they change their names. I totally could've towered over her. In fact, I tried, but security intervened...

So let's go back to my Oprah and Denzel experience. Here are some more pics.
Here's Denzel exiting the building.

"Where is Jen at? Oh, I know my life would be complete if I could just catch a glimpse of her!" I'm over here, Denzel. This 400 pound woman is standing in front of me and she's been discussing her plans for you for the past 30 minutes. Run, Denzel! Run!

This is a picture of Oprah's butt. In a leather skirt. That probably cost more than my car.

And here's Oprah and her entourage.

She and I did make eye contact. And then she said, "Jen, I'd love to feature your books on my show." And I was like, "No, O, you need to pick a boring classic again. Maybe a book in which people die and it's all depressing and people want to slit their wrists when they're done reading." And she's like, "Good idea."

Here's the security guy I was standing behind. See that thing in his ear? It was connected to people who are connected to Oprah!!

If you've ever seen clips of Britney Spears, when she's driving, she is HOUNDED by paparazzi. She can barely move her vehicle. Here's the Arkansas version of paparazzi.

Here is a final picture.

"Bye, Jen. I have to go now because these four inch heels are killing me and the leather skirt is melting to my legs.Stedman sends his best. Let's do lunch really soon, now, 'kay? Air kiss!"

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At 9:13 AM, Blogger Timothy Fish said...

You tell us that your security friend was connected to people who were connected to Oprah, but on a Saturday morning in Arkansas, when the Razorbacks are going to to be playing a game that starts in the morning? I'm thinking that his radio may have been tuned to a different station than the Wal-mart/Oprah show.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Timothy Fish said...

I normally wouldn’t clutter your blog with pictures of my ugly mug, but after reading a post by Terry Whalin I was reminded of what you mentioned here. He states that, “For fiction authors, it is your nonfiction topic which you are going to be talking about in your interviews with the media and to promote the book. It is not your novel. Through writing your book, you've become an expert in this particular topic and need to emphasize it to catch media attention.” It is sad, but true that boring, slit your wrist fiction is often the fiction that is brings up a nonfiction topic that is sensational enough to be ideal for a show like Oprah’s. You missed your opportunity when you “spoke” to Oprah and told her to do another boring topic. Instead, you might have suggested that she do a show on the problems that children face when they are forced to move in with a different family. I don’t know if that will get you on Oprah, but there are probably some other people that would love to have someone talk about that subject on their shows.

At 7:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

those are really good pics.


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