Tuesday, January 15, 2008
I'm Still Standing...Barely
I would've blogged Monday, but I was too distraught. We have a chance of flurries to a light dusting this week. Specifically tonight. Dusting. What a nasty word. I've been riveted to the TV, watching every weather report available. And I'm so blue, I don't know how I've even made it to work. It's all so punishing. Here are some words I don't want to hear any more:
1. The front is heading south.
2. Gonna miss us.
3. Should pose no travel problems.
4. Small amounts of snow. Maybe.
5. Luckily, we're going to dodge this one.

When I hear that negative, unholy talk, it makes me so mad, I want to say my own bad words. Like some of these:

What the French, Toast? That STILL makes me laugh. Great commercial. Super Bowl worthy.

So today was the six week anniversary of my aspartame ban. And how did I celebrate? I bought a Diet Dr. Pepper.
It was a weak, weak moment! I caved! I was tired (woke up late), sad (I hate you, Weather Channel!), and I missed the burn of Diet Dr. Pepper, you know when you take a drink and it's like your esophagus is being acidically burned away. Love it!

But my guilt got the best of me. I placed it on my desk. And stared at it for ten minutes. Finally students filtered into my classroom, and I forced the drink on one of them and made her promise not to let me see it, no matter how much I begged.

So yeah, rough week. But nothing a little snow and ice wouldn't help.
Please keep me and a blizzard in your prayers.

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At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Bethany said...

oh, you poor girl! we had a tease of a little bit of snow fluries (of course none of it stuck) for about ten minutes... probly the best ten minutes of the last year... heehee.


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