Wednesday, December 19, 2007
I Have a Confession
Or maybe I have a compulsion.
I seem to have a teeny, tiny obsession with buying--and taking back--digital cameras. I can't help it! As soon as you buy one, an ad comes out within a few weeks for something bigger (actually smaller) and better.

But it's getting harder and harder to return them. Monday I went to two Wal-Mart stores, spoke with five different people, all because I was wanting to return a camera and was over their 30 day return policy by seven measly days (6.5 if you want to get specific and count by hours). There are so many restrictions, and they want to see every piece of documentation in your purse.
"Um. . . we'll need an unstamped passport, your birth certificate, two boxes of
Twinkies, your kindergarten picture, and the hair of a toad." The hair of a
toad? Crap, I gave out my last one at Target.

But I finally stopped at the right Wal-Mart, and after breaking out my best "Show Me Your Christmas Spirit" face, they relented and gave me a refund.

My new camera arrives Friday. I call it Camera No. 207.

So I have like two and a half hours of school left before vay-kay. I am super excited. Sure, I'll be working the whole break on a little book, but at least I won't be teaching and writing. Okay, teaching and emailing, but whatever.

Or I might spend my doing doing THIS.

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