Monday, December 17, 2007
I'm In A Snow Depression

Here's our first snow! Can you see all the flakes?
I think the weathermen out there are all conspiring against me. They toy with my feelings. So our 4-6 inches, which later got moved to 2-4 inches, ended up being a teeny, tiny dusting. Just enough to look pretty coming down...then melt immediately on impact. It was heart-wrenching. Maybe it didn't stick because I kept watching it. You know how temperamental snow can be. What if I ruined the snow day for everyone? I can't handle that kind of responsibility.

So tonight I am working with some fellow churchies on some Angel Tree stuff and I get a call. It's from a local church--the one that asked me to speak at their Christmas banquet Tuesday. Except it wasn't Tuesday. My pastor's wife tells me that I was to be there TONIGHT. I was FLIPPING out. I apologized like one hundred million times. And I said a bunch of stuff I can't even remember--just started babbling. I think I might've promised her my first born in penance. Or maybe it was my least favorite cat... And then I come home and head straight for the fridge. I am a stress eater. Anyone else? And I am normally a stress drinker (of Diet Dr. Pepper, of course), but we know how that's going right now, and even though I wanted to drown my sorrows in the awesome, acidy burn of DDP, I had to RESIST! Because aspartame is NOT my friend! Though I sure missed him tonight. So instead I made do with what I had--a bowl of leftover soup and two servings of Raisin Bran. It did not have nearly the same effect as some DDP, but at least I got to keep all my brain cells.

And then hours later, after I've cursed myself a million times, the pastor calls and turns out he DID tell me the banquet was on Tuesday! Can you say HUGE relief?
I just flat out told him, "I am REALLY glad it's your fault!"

I mix stuff up ALL the time, but usually not big deal things because I triple, quadruple check, KNOWING I screw things up so often. I'm the type of person who can be so distracted I'll climb in the bathtub with my socks on. Or stick toilet paper in the fridge instead of the milk. And this kind of craziness seems to be happening more frequently in the last 12 months or so. So this event not only made me feel bad, but it also had me wondering if I had suffered brain trauma at some point in the last year and maybe didn't know it? Like was I in an accident and I'm stupid, but I don't remember it, and since I don't remember it, everyone has been instructed by my mother to play along and not bring it up--you know the fact that I'm now mentally incapacitated and there was that blunt head trauma. But NO! It wasn't my fault this time! Unless my mother called the pastor and reminded him that he needed to play along, too... And if that's what happened, guys, I am TOTALLY on to you.

Speaking of crazy, how about this wave pool in Tokyo? Can you say PERSONAL SPACE INVASION? I would love to know their drowning statistics.

Have a good week! I begin my Christmas vay-kay Wednesday--woo-hoo!!!!

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At 4:14 AM, Blogger Timothy Fish said...

I have recurring nightmares about that kind of thing. When I was in college I would have these dreams about a class that I had forgotten I had and so I didn’t attend the whole semester. Now I dream about forgetting to attend a meeting, then when I wake up I feel really stupid because the meeting is days or weeks away.

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous ashley e. said...

mrs. jones!!
i went there!
its so fun.only there
werent so many people.

At 6:57 PM, Blogger WordVixen said...

Socks in the shower? I've done that... Only it wasn't socks. :)

I blame it on the aspertame.

At 6:23 PM, Blogger Jenny B. Jones said...

I've started blaming everything on the aspartame. From my dust bunnies to the economy.

And I STILL have the nightmare of it being finals and I realize I have forgotten to go to a particular class all semester.


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