Friday, December 21, 2007
It's Jen's Favorite Things Show!
Welcome! Welcome!
I konw you're super excited--the enthusiasm is palpable. (Or maybe I'm just feeling the after effects of all that bean dip from last night.)
Drumroll please... (D.R. Hint: I find the rolling of the tongue more effective than the pounding of hands on a hard surface, but my friend Leslie prefers the method of. . . nevermind.)

...It's the Jen's Favorite Things Show 2007!
Just like Oprah's!
Except you're not really here. . . because that would be awkward.(I'm still in my pj's and I have some deep conditioner fermenting in my hair at the moment.)
And I'm not giving things from my list away. (Though if you're interested in a few cats, one vacuum cleaner that doesn't work but I've kept for two years anyway, or a collection of used Post-Its, let me know!)
And another difference is these things aren't new. Or expensive to the point only Warren Buffet or a Hilton could purchase them.

But I shall share with you some of my favorite things I've purchased in two thousand and seven, the year of our Lord.

1. Pens. I've always had a favorite pen. Even when I was broke and in college, I would splurge on some favorite writing utensils (splurge = spend an extra buck). Never could stand the stick pens. Here's the pen I've been using for a few years:

The Pilot Precise V5, extra fine. These pens make me happy because you can get them in pink, purple, turquoise, and green. And who wouldn't feel better receiving an F from their teacher when it's happily written in hot pink?

2. Running Shoes.

You cannot just run in any old tennie, you know. (Or walk. Or stroll. Or sprint away from unruly flocks of hungry geese, depending on which trail around here you pick. Seriously, YIKES. A friend and I saw a gaggle swoop in on a baby a few weeks ago. They were totally going to EAT her!) Anyway, I have strayed a few times, but my good old Asics (I prefer Gel Keyano) always take me back. Though I wander to cooler, hipper shoes, my Keyanos are always there with open arms, forgiving me for my roving eye.

3. This coat.

My L.L. Bean down jacket. Now I have never had an opinion about a coat one way or the other. Don't really like to wear them; don't get excited about them. Well, if I was stuck in a blizzard in a stalled car with no food or water, I'd care. But this is Arkansas, and as you know by now, we barely get flakes, let alone a miraculous blizzard. But in bitterness I digress. . . So this is my favorite coat. It is like wearing a blanket--except you won't trip on it and bust your nose on the coffee table. And weighs less than a pound. Because if you're like me, you don't want any extra poundage. And like my favorite pens, they come in fun, bright colors. I have the pink and this makes me easy to find in a busy mall. Because I tend to get lost. A lot.

4. Force Flex Trash bags.

If I've never had a strong opinion about a coat, I felt even less passionate about trash bags. A trash bag is a trash bag. . . or is it? When I saw the commercial of the woman grabbing hers to save herself from a meteor shower and imminent death, I thought, I must have those. Because death by cosmic rocks is something we tend to avoid thinking about, but in 2007 I decided to get proactive and not live in denial any longer. Meteor showers happen, people. And I for one, want to be ready. Of course I hear snow happens, too, but I've yet to see that either.

5. Books.
I have mentioned this before, but the world renowned agent Chip MacGregor sent me this book and I loved it.

Nonfiction really isn't even my bag. But this book is laugh out loud funny. I have been telling everyone I know about it. It seriously makes a good gift. People will think you have cutting edge taste in literature. And it's also a great warning to parents. Because sometimes a child is born who will grow up to remember every single minute of her life. And then she will write about these moments in a book. I personally don't remember the majority of my life (my brother and I both have faulty wiring in our memories), but one thing I do remember is that I only have one photo album of me as a baby. My brother has like 50 million (yes, he's older). And not only that, but in my one album, seventy-five percent of the pictures include my brother. And there's a recipe for a pot roast just stuck in there. "Where's my pot roast recipe? Oh, yeah, in my kid's photo album. What a handy thing that is..."

And I really liked this book this year.

You read a devo every day and it gives you something to pray about or focus/work on for that day. Like one day trying to remove all negative thoughts from your mind and turning them into positive. Example...

Original Thought: If it doesn't snow I am going to end up hurting someone.

Revised Thought: If it doesn't snow I am going to lay hands on someone and pray over them in Christian kindness. And my hands will be on the throat area. Squeezing love into his/her throat. Until they see stars. Like the kind of stars our good Lord made.

That's all for my wrap-up of 2007. If you discovered any must-have products, please let me know. I am easily swayed by testimonials and will no doubt immediately rush out and get two.

Have a Merry Christmas!!! I will be taking a few days off to wrap myself up in the joy of the season. (Okay, I am so behind on my deadline, and I'm going to be furiously cranking out some pages. Which will probably end up in my Glad Force-Flex trash bags. While I run into the highway in my Asics Keyanos. And brain myself with a copy of Joyce Meyer's Battlefield of the Mind.

Hey, check out for a peek into some author's favorite Christmas memories. I especially enjoyed Justin Lookadoo's response.
Merry Christmas. God bless us one and all.

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At 10:36 AM, Blogger Bethany Ellis said...

Those pens? They're my parents faves too! But I can't stand them! lol :) I think they make my handwriting even worse than it already is, haha. Merry Christmas :)

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Rhonda said...

I liked the response by Dallas Jenkins. Pretty funny.

At 3:33 PM, Blogger Timothy Fish said...

After reading your list, I think a gorget may be pretty high on the must have lists of a few people.

At 6:34 PM, Blogger Brittanie said...

I read On The Loose last night in one night. It was(is) great. I can't wait for the next one. :)


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