Thursday, January 24, 2008
Long Time, No Blog

I'm hoping to finish a book this weekend, so I've been a horrible blogger. And absolutely nothing exciting has happened in my life this week, so when your week is totally unglam, what can a girl say?

First off, rest in peace, Heath Ledger. Shocking or what? And why was an Olsen twin the first person called? Maybe it was in his living will: If something happens to me, do not call 9-1-1. Call Ashley or Mary Kate.
Mother if you're reading this, if you ever find me Bob Saget.

Speaking of hot guys, I think I am in love with at least one of our local weather guys. As you may have figured out by now, in the winter I watch the weather. A lot. I watch all three major networks. I know how to perfectly time it where I can see a little bit of each report at any given news time. I'm not proud of that. But we have another system moving in tonight, and though the models show us getting pretty much nothing, one weather guy passionately said, "I just don't buy that. I don't buy it!" Hotter words have never been spoken. I mean, that ranks right up there with, "I just so happen to have twenty pounds of chocolate."

But like Monday night's front, this one--when it does show up--will mostly hit the area below us. So sad. I was really worked up over the ice we missed Tuesday (seriously, almost every school in the area was closed except mine and a few other big ones), but some people got stuck on the interstate in the ice about 45 minutes away from where I live. FOR EIGHT HOURS. Can you imagine? No snow day is worth that. I would die. This is EXACTLY why it's important to have Chips Ahoy, Goldfish, Capri Suns, and Snickers with you at ALL TIMES! People who suffered for eight hours on the interstate, know you did not do so in vain! I have learned from your plight! In your honor, I swear to you now, I WILL always carry high calorie, no-nutritional-value snacks with me. Your sacrifice will not be for naught. And can you imagine it being like 15 degrees and stuck in traffic that long and...having to pee? For those of us cursed with bladders the size of an M&M, that is a huge concern. Maybe I should carry a coffee can in my car too. And a folding screen. Lots of headlights shining on that night, you know? Not good tinkling conditions.

Today I sat down at my desk to eat my breakfast. And it was gross. So I jumped up, grabbed my purse and went to McDonalds. (Yes, I left my students alone. Who cares? Only one of them poked his eye out with a pencil, so I think that's pretty good. KIDDING! They weren't there yet.) I got a yogurt parfait and a sausage burrito (formerly called a breakfast burrito). Then I came back and made the mistake of looking up the nutritional content on the web. That's always a mistake, isn't it? But that burrito was long gone by the time I read the bad news. Oh, well.

But on the Mickey D's site, I found some interesting info.
Did you know in the UK they serve something called Oats-O-Simple Porridge? Doesn't that sound so cute? Or you can have Toasted Rice Burgers in Taiwan (not so cute sounding). Toasted Rice? I wanted fatty, cheesy burgers. And in Brazil you can get coconut water. I'm not sure why you'd want to, but that option is available. And they have an animated nutritional program they sponsor, which is hosted by a cartoon character named Willie Munchright. I don't want anybody called Munchright telling me how to eat my rice burger.

Well, I am hoping for the best right now. Hoping I finish my little book so I can begin making time for the important things like breathing, exercising, and combing my hair. And I am hoping (fervently praying) that the front makes an unexpected jump north and covers my county in white stuff. I've been so good..I deserve it.

Have a good weekend. Next week we resume our regular blog schedule.

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At 3:13 PM, Blogger Timothy Fish said...

I suppose there may be a very logical reason why Mary-Kate Olsen was called first. Maybe she has a lot of experience calling 911 and they were looking for advice on how to do it. Maybe they forgot the number. Which, if it was obvious that he was dead, I don't really suppose there is any reason why they had to call 911 first.


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