Thursday, January 31, 2008
The Good Lord Giveth. And the Good Lord Taketh
So it's been a quiet, sad week in the Jones house. I appreciate all the kind thoughts sent my way. I don't have my fair share of mercy when it comes to people, but I'm absolutely cursed with a pathetic amount of sensitivity when it comes to animals. There's a reason they know me by name at my vet's office.

But God, in his infinite wisdom, looked down, saw me and thought, "That girl needs a little pick-me-up. What would do the trick...yup, snow." Then he crooked his finger and said, "Bring it."

And today I have SNOW!!!!!

Oh, it's FABULOUS! Oh, Snow, I've dreamed of you for so long! Dreams really do come true! And it's still coming down. So pretty. It's not just that I enjoy a day (or two!!!) away from cramming education into young minds. Er, I mean, enlightening the youth of today. It's everything about snow! I love the sounds, the beauty, the way the landscape changes within hours. I love that I can stay home without feeling guilty that I'm not 100 other places. It's like Nature's permission to slow down and take it easy. (I know. I'll stop. I'm about to burst into a Streisand song or something.)

And it's not just because I'm a teacher that I enjoy snow. I've ALWAYS been like this. I walked outside this morning and across the street was the kid I accidentally terrorized some time ago. He was playing in his yard and didn't know I was on my porch. Snow would sail off his roof and he would say, "OH! WOW!" My thoughts exactly. Some of us just never outgrow that. Much like a dislike for green beans.

So as previously mentioned, New Kids on the Block are regrouping. You can learn more HERE. Though I'm not sure why you'd want to. They were popular for like three songs during the late 80s. MANY of us in Arkansas remember them coming to concert. It was an outdoor event and it was hot. I was in the eighth grade I think. (Don't do the math...) We all dressed up in our finest to see Donnie, Joey (my fave), Reggie, and Petie. Okay, not sure about those last two names, but Donnie and Joey sound correct. I was in leggings and a shift-like dress much like girls are wearing these days. We called them baby doll dresses, which is a little weird. And the piece de black hat with a black lacy tail in the back. My grandmother had purchased the whole ensemble for me. (Don't worry, I had picked it out--not her. Else I would've been at the concert in a good pair of SAS's and some Bobbie Brooks sweats.)(Just kidding--my grandma was actually quite the style maven and totally approved the outfit.) And thanks Mom, for pointing out the blog originally said BOOBIE Brooks.

ANYWAY...NKOTB came out. Sang their hit "Hangin' Tough." (We're gonna put you in a trance with a funky song!) (Now I read those lyrics and feel a little queasy at the sheer cheesiness.) Girls stampeded. One fainted and had to be taken away to wherever they take hysterical KNOTB fans who pass out from Joey-overexposure. Then...out came the fire department with their gigantic water hoses. Seriously. They sprayed down the stampede. My Madonna hat got soaked and was never same. I think my cool factor suffered a blow that I never quite recovered from. So, THAT'S what I think of the New Kids. YOU RUINED MY LIFE!!!
I mean my hat.

Okay, back to snow watching. There is a sledding party in the works, and I must confirm the details and find the NEW snow boots I got for Christmas. They've been so lonely in the box. But now is their time to shine! And of course I must locate the customary long johns, which seem to serve no purpose other than giving me a world class wedgie.

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At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Snow Day! You deserve it!

At 1:05 PM, Anonymous salle said...

Ummm...i'm not sure we can be friends anymore! You don't like NKOTB,I think there is something wrong with you! I have there greatest hits in my car if you need to borrow it to get you NKOTB love back! Just let me know...I will counsel you through this, and you again, WILL love NKOTB! We're ROUGH, ROUGH, ROUGH....

At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Bethany said...

congrats!! how exciting!! i love snow!!!!!! and you got so much!! that's so great!!! yay!!

At 7:49 PM, Blogger sheilasue said...

I'm sure Pamela McGaughey is ECSTATIC that NKOTB are "reuiniting and it feels so good"...but I wish they'd just stay buried in the pop culture sandbox of the 80's or 90's.
I think you still blame me for the destruction of your hat... I have done my best to block the memories of that NKOTB concert.. so I really don't recall if I had a hand in it's untimely demise. If I did I genuinely feel bad. BUT YOU GOT SNOW!! I DIDN'T. I WILL HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW! karma works in clever ways!

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Jenny B. Jones said...

I have to admit..I do deserve this snow day. I've logged in about 500 hours of weather watching this winter. It's not karma. It's HARD WORK.

Sheila--buried in the pop culture sandbox? Has anyone ever told you you should write? Um, I dunno. Like one of your BFFs?

And thanks for the good wishes Bethany. It's been the prettiest day. Two days off and it should be totally clear by the weekend. I'm sure I'll be ready to break out by then.

At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought of you as the snow came down. Relax and enjoy.

At 12:22 AM, Anonymous natalie said...

I meant to leave condolences about your cat. I get attached to pets too and I'm still in that phase where I keep saying I never want another one (which will promptly end when a cute stray shows up at my door). I'm thrilled you got your snow! I'm not thrilled about NKOTB. But I was never a fan ...

I was a fan of N'SYNC. My best friend and I were seniors in h.s. when they hit it big so we took her little sister to the concert, of course, because we're just nice like that. I was in college the next time they came through. We debated making giant signs that said "we're legal" but thought that might be pushing it.

All the same, think of the lyrical gold NKOTB will crank out this time! (It's a good think Hangin Tough came out before country music singers started doing covers of every pop song ever. I think that's the only way I could hate the song more.)

At 6:12 PM, Blogger Jenny B. Jones said...

Natalie, I saw NSYNC in college. I was too old to really be there, but it was such a great time. I think stage-wise it's the best concert I've ever been to. And Joey Fatone was my favorite for some reason. He just seemed...normal.

At 1:57 AM, Blogger Christina Berry said...

Okay: Joey, Donnie, Jordan, Jon, and Danny. Sadly, I did that from memory. I may even have my NKOTB earrings around here somewhere ... I was in seventh grade, which makes it better because I was a whole year younger and more immature than you as an eighth grader!

Came here from Chip's blog to check out the zippitiness. :-)

At 3:08 PM, Blogger Jenny B. Jones said...

Welcome, Christina! You are SOOO right on the NKOTB. I used to have a NKOTB book. Probably from one of those Scholastic weekly book orders.


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