Monday, February 11, 2008
A Sleddin' We Will Go
So a few weeks ago God granted us a miracle in some sled-worthy snow. Schools for miles around were closed for two days in a row. (Some were closed today due to some light ice, but I can't discuss that without crying.)

Anyway my friend Holly has the perfect area behind her house to sled.

You just have to be able to dodge a few of these.

And there were a few wild beasts. Like this one.

And snow affects us all in different ways. Ol' Stormy gets out in the snow and feels the need to. . . poop. Seriously. Like every five minutes. What is that about?

"We all contribute to the snow day in our own ways."

Yeah, lots of yellow snow to be had.
And you're never too young to enjoy a day of sledding.

"Is anyone chaffed? I have some fabulous Boudreaux's Butt Cream that works wonders...Highly recommended."

"Oh, my. I can vouch for that."

And speaking of burning sensations, there were a few accidents.
But that's the risk we're willing to take, you know? Actually, I'm grateful to this person for clearing out a few rocks. Because that would've hurt. And I would've let everyone know about it. I think the rock broke her kneecap, but in keeping with Snow Day Code, article 203b, she did not ask to be taken to the ER. We were burning daylight and had no time for that.

Chance of some ice tonight. I'm hoping for freezing temperatures!!!
Have a great week.

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